Susan L Tigner, MA, LLPC
Caring counseling from a Christian perspective
We specialize in individual and family counseling, including play therapy techniques for children and adolescents. 
Assessment and treatment plans for anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse, and family communication problems.

I offer both counseling and acupuncture which can be combined in one session, or you may have one or the other.

Holistic auricular acupuncture is now available.

Auricular acupuncture is very relaxing, and allows for your own body's inner healing to function at its best, by activating your energy channels. The 20 minute acupuncture experience involves tiny needles that target 5 areas. The first point is called the sympathetic nervous system point, which slows down your heart rate and dilates your blood vessels. The second point is called the "spirit gate", which allows for relaxed and focused thinking. The other three points correspond with the liver, kidney and lungs. These are energy giving organs important to feeling energized.

While experiencing acupuncture, you can sit quietly and listen to relaxing sounds or music. You may also enjoy the experience of relaxation techniques such as progressive relaxation, which I will lead you through. Or visual imagery, in which you take an imaginary journey to a place of relaxation.

Sliding fee scale and flexible schedule available.

We provide compassionate services with the utmost confidentiality.
114 West Lawrence, Suite 120, Charlotte, MI 48813